Holy Doutzen!

December 4, 2008


I’ve been lacking inspiration lately. Perhaps it’s the cold, or maybe it’s my reluctance to keep posting songs from Acid Tongue. I’m trying to slow down on my music consumption and make sure that what I’ve got is worth keeping. I need time to savor the good stuff and dispose of the disposable. How much do you hate it when people notice the one Rihanna track in your library sandwiched by Rilo and Regina? Anyways, that’s not really what moved me to write, it was actually my discovery of Doutzen, pictured above. So, woohoo!

Follow the photo’s link to my friend’s post that educated me on the sweet Poladroid program. Don’t be surprised if all following posts contain Polaroids.

Brazilian Girls – St Petersburg

2 Responses to “Holy Doutzen!”

  1. jandra Says:

    hot! did you know orlando bloom just got engaged to miranda kerr? i always thought he was into blondes since kate bosworth, but i guess the hair color doesn’t matter if the waifish bod is there.

    here’s my newest read: http://www.packingheat.com/tutorials/unemployment.html

  2. jandra Says:

    jeoff … your layout looks wonky on my monitor. is it me or what? check it: http://i35.tinypic.com/2wovkic.png

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