Viva la Really?

January 8, 2009


I’ve been trying to figure out something lately, maybe you can help me. Is Coldplay good or is Coldplay bad?

When something becomes ultra-popular I usually try to check it out. Part of me really just wants to know what everybody likes, and part of me needs reassurance that my taste buds are still thinking for themselves. A few months ago I finally got the latest Lupe album (O.K.), today I listened through Tha Carter III (good), and last week I finally caved and downloaded Viva and Prospekt’s March (???).

You can’t really tell how good something is until you’ve seen or heard it a few times, it doesn’t really matter what it is. Usually I can tell if I like something within three spins. It was premature of me to give the third track, “Lost?” four stars, because by the third listen I was sick of it, more precisely I was sick of all three versions. The original, the acoustic one, the Jay-Z mix–they’re all the same.

A lot of the songs on this album are exactly like that, they sound great in the Amazon preview, even after a listen or two; still cool. The title track blew me away when I first heard it, but now it only reminds me of the Joe Satriani song “If I Could Fly,” which I never even heard before he sued them!

I’ve been listening to the newest album along with the orphaned tracks from previous albums trying to figure them out. I know I don’t love them, so I should at least expect to know if I hate them. I don’t think I do, I’m not sure. I guess by default I still don’t really like them.

Hype has clearly made it nearly impossible to render an unbiased opinion of them. Speaking of hype, greatest Album of the Year Countdown ever on Hype Machine? No song today, go to the countdown and catch yourself up on 2008.

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