The Best [songs] You [forgot you] Had

January 15, 2009


Dusting off the proverbial, well, dust from my relatively old mp3’s has me stumbling all over some gems that I’d totally forgotten about. I bet that you might have forgotten about these too–assuming that you’re like me and you probably have many of the same albums.

In the spirit of a new calendar, I was reflecting on how my music has changed over the past few years and it made me think of a relatively novel idea for a top ten list. I tried not to include obscure tracks that no one has heard more than twice, or not at all. If someone came up to me and handed me a list like this it would be like finding all the lost change in the cracks of my sofa and under the seats of my car. How valuable is that?

1. Sea Wolf – You’re a Wolf
2. Muse – The Small Print
3. Incubus – Talk Shows on Mute
4. The Pixies – Where Is My Mind
5. Pearl Jam – Corduroy
6. Rilo Kiley – Close Call
7. Metric – The Police and the Private
8. Beck – E-Pro
9. Smashing Pumpkins – Mayonnaise
10. Interpol – Public Pervert


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