Progress Portraits For All

January 27, 2009


Click above to make yours! Or If you’re feeling ugly, god loves you too.

Now you probably already know about Jay-Z’s DC-mix of “My President is Black,” but then again, maybe you don’t. This hasn’t been nearly as viral as it should be, so in case you’re to blame, see it here, or listen to it here:

Jay-Z – My President is Black

If you’ve watched MTV for 15 or more minutes in the last week you’ve seen the original version of this song by Young Jeezy and Nas. I hope you were as disappointed with it as I was. Two (or more) narcissistic rappers making an election to be about them. I like Nas, but lines like: “History, black history/ No president ever did shit for me” remind me of how contrived rappers can take a country’s success and make it completely about themselves. If you studied history Nas, you’d remember some words JFK said once in an inauguration speech.

One Response to “Progress Portraits For All”

  1. Ke Says:

    Aw, this could have been useful for inauguration day!
    lol @ God Loves Ugly. Half of those people aren’t even ugly!

    I don’t think Nas was really being narcissistic. I mean, I can see it, but maybe he was referring to the people when he said “me” or just trying to create a voice for his listeners? Maybe that is too optimistic, ha.

    Thanks for sharing Jay-Z’s cover. Either way, who would have contested and said the president wasn’t? It’s just a weird topic.

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