Flosstradamus? huh…

February 13, 2009

A band that hit it [semi] big with an Apple commercial, is usually one in grave danger of falling prey to the one-hit-wonder hawks. I used to download all of iTunes’ free tracks, but I’ve been realizing lately that being endorsed by Apple has somehow become a mark of shame. Like the Madden curse that ruined so many football careers, a song featured in a commercial for Apple is now a discrediting blemish.

Example: I was at my friend’s place an evening several weeks ago, when I wanted to play CSS. Since this friend had a limited selection of the group I thought it would be okay to play “Music is My Hot, Hot Sex.” It was not. I was instantly ridiculed as something derogatorily Apple.

This is the normal way of mainstream endorsement though; how much more did you love “Time to Pretend” and Feist’s “1234” before they turned up in Urban Outfitters and your city’s easy listening radio station? I still love both, but it’s hard to ignore the dulling of my snobbish sword–you know, the one I use to slay tasteless and cookie-cutter music fans*.

To the point though, Chairlift is the band I’m talking about. And with songs like “Evident Utensil” and “Planet Health” I’m letting them out of the one-hit-wonder dog house. Add to that the irresistible Caroline Polachek and I start to think that maybe these guys could be legit. If you’re not sure that they deserve such [mild] praise, check out the track below. If you’re not sure that Caroline Polachek is irresistible, check out this track she’s featured on with the Chicago DJ duo known as Flosstradamus.

Chairlift – Planet Health
Flosstradamus – Big Bills: hear it, see it.

*I am often slayed as well. For example, the video I have linked to in this post is nearly four months old.

5 Responses to “Flosstradamus? huh…”

  1. Ke Says:

    See, your entries are so well-written! I just sort of disagree with the notion that being featured on Apple commercials is shameful. I still continue to download all the free tracks and songs I hear on Apple commericals.

    It is just that, yes, you do end up sort of sick of the songs, such as Feist’s 1234 because of the mainstream effect but apple commercials are still much better at exposure. It is even worse when the nation seems to know only that song when it comes to Feist, even though she has so much better songs, old and new. I have yet to hear MGMT in every day conversation though. They still seem to be a little limited when it comes to their audience, but I am sure Last.FM has changed that in the last few months.

    Your friend does not sound very nice :-p

  2. geoff Says:

    I agree that Apple has had great taste, pretty much since the beginning of the iPod. It doesn’t mean I don’t like a song they endorse, I think I’d rather find the song on my own. Then my cynical friends can’t say crap.

  3. Brendan Says:

    I think its more of a telling sign of music snobbery. Lets face it, the iPod campaign has been pretty entertaining, and for the most part the songs have been awesome…. and this is coming from a big time indie basher.

    As for Feist, I don’t know how big her band Broken Social Scene (basically a collective of musicians, many of which are blowing up with solo projects as of late) is down in the states, but they are definitely worth a listen. Try Pacific Theme or Cause=Time off you forgot it in people

  4. geoff Says:

    What I’m getting at is, if it’s in a Apple ad, then it’s no longer indie really. It makes marketing sense that Apple wants to separate itself from PCs by not soundtracking Coldplay (even though they used U2 once), but putting the Apple brand on a song is like being selected to Oprah’s book club… I know Broken Social Scene, basically because of an obsession with Feist’s ‘Let it Die.’

  5. […] me that they really like themselves. If these aren’t reasons enough to find them endearing see what I already said about them. It was especially fun to see them play the two new songs from the re-release of Does You Inspire […]

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