Heroes on TV or on the Radio?

February 24, 2009

alight by the proletariat designer
A new compilation is out today, and in the spirit of 2009 and awesome compilations, comes another one boasting a solid line up. Dark Was The Night was so blogged about that I tried not to mention it, but be sure it will eventually be given it its due.

For the compilation, 15 music icons were asked to choose a song from their back catalogue and to pick the artist to cover it. It’s called War Child, and it includes tracks from Hot Chip, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Beck, Lily Allen and others. It’s not often we get a track from music royalty covered by a band with the chops to actually do it. It’s cool just to know that Bowie actually asked TV On the Radio to cover his song, unlike a certain other band named after walls and flowers. This interpretation is explicitly TVOTR, they’ve added a pulse and changed the groove of the song while maintaining Bowie’s melodic integrity. Good stuff.

TV On the Radio – Heroes


One Response to “Heroes on TV or on the Radio?”

  1. Ke Says:

    Hey, this is the compilation with Service Bell from Feist and Grizzly Bear! I had totally forgotten about this and I am glad you posted about it.

    TV On The Radio are coming here in the summer and I won’t be able to see them 😥

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