The New Music Videos

February 24, 2009

Man did I feel like an underachiever when I found out that Lykke Li is a young 22. For indie artists, making a video is expensive and dollar for dollar they’re usually not worth their weight in promotion–at least not in the way that Beyonce and Soulja Boy use them. Who would have thought that making a one-take video could be so sweet? We hear what an artist actually sounds like, and improvised choreography is more personal and less imitable than “Single Ladies.” There’s no other artist for me that watching is so closely intertwined with hearing.

A lot has been on our minds at Chucks?. In particular I’ve been discussing with myself the Apple “endorsement curse” mentioned previously. I’ve been thinking through recent music, looking for the track most likely to be used in a commercial. It reminded me that plenty of indie artists (I mean this literally) have let their music be used for advertisements, and it’s not just Apple. Santogold Santigold’s “L.E.S. Artistes” was in a Ford Flex commercial, and Sea Wolf’s “You’re A Wolf” was used in a Honda Hybrid commercial. The same people that hate on Apple music, usually forget to bash these two songs.

Cat Power’s cover of “Space Oddity” used in a Chevrolet commercial has seen mostly praise and requests across the blogosphere. After all, what fan of hers isn’t immediately entranced by hearing “ground control to major tom.” We seem to understand that soundtracking a commercial doesn’t necessarily mean selling out. People just seem to be Apple haters.

I’ve got my money on “Breaking it Up” for next-song-to-make-it-big-on-a-Nano-or-Touch-commercial. Can’t you see it already? This is seriously enough posts on her for the month, I’m giving her a break, until she records something new at least.

Thanks for the clip from whoever you are.


One Response to “The New Music Videos”

  1. Ke Says:

    Cat Power should use songs that already exist on her albums than create snipplets for commercials only to torture fans who want the full-version and will never ever get access to them 😦

    I do agree with Lykke Li being able to pull off an iPod commercial. Also, there can neverrrr be enough Lykke Li! Lies! Yes, I am finally catching up on these posts, or trying to as I… procrastinate on my final paper.

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