The Democratic Music

February 27, 2009

fireThere was a plan. It was to share a new group, and a new single coming out on an album due out soon. So much for that plan, because Phoenix, a band no one has ever I have never heard of dropped this smoking hot track for free on their website. Since when is free music awesome?.. since it was free.

Go here to hear it and download it, and to see the OP.

Put it on repeat until the teeny boppers steal it for their GG commercials. An aside: it’s only a matter of time, until popularity makes anything mainstream. All the bloggers that call themselves independent, may one day be just as mainstream as your top 40 station. At what point does Stereogum lose its indie-street cred? Should it matter? And that is the democracy of music.

2 Responses to “The Democratic Music”

  1. Ke Says:

    I was going to take my time adequately replying to the entries I’ve missed but PHOENIX <3!

    Rushes to download.

  2. Ke Says:

    I hope you caught Phoenix on SNL!

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