The Handsome Furs at the 7th Street Entry

March 27, 2009

Having never been before to the 7th Street Entry, I didn’t really know what to expect of the place. My first memory–well association is perhaps more appropriate–of “the entry” (as they call it) was handed down from my dad: people at the entry are tattooed, biker gangbangers with pierced lips and eyebrows that do hard drugs and are alcoholics. In all fairness he has never been there.

I found out about the show only the morning of, and an old friend from school was hip enough to agree to go the same night. Honestly, most people need at least two days warning to be that cool. Especially since the 8:00 showtime really meant doors at 8, One For The Team at 9:30, The Cinnamon Band at 10:30, and The Handsome Furs at 11:30.

I had heard a song or two from the two openers who were totally solid in their own right, but I was pretty blown away by The Handsome Furs. A band that I had known of for a long time (the first track I got of theirs was “What We Had” in a 2007 sampler), I knew that I probably wasn’t giving them enough attention. I enjoyed their newest album Face Control, but this was one of those shows that elevated the album into heavy rotation. They sounded great, put on a great show, and my only complaint was that the set felt short at just around 50 minutes.

You’ve probably already heard “I’m Confused,” but this is one is even better:
The Handsome Furs – All We Want, Baby, Is Everything

One Response to “The Handsome Furs at the 7th Street Entry”

  1. elyse Says:

    It was a great show (and a good find by you)! And I really like One for the team’s website.

    I don’t know that I’ve ever been called hip before… It was fun–thanks again!

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