Chairlift/PBJ in MPLS

April 22, 2009


Chairflift opened for Peter, Bjorn and John last night at the Fine Line. I would like to say something insightful on the performances, but instead all I can think about is how long some parts were and how short others were. That and how the Fine Line played two entire Coldplay albums between sets! WTF?! Are you trying to burn my ears off? Show some fucking respect Fine Line DJ.

cp chl1

Chairlift was on stage first, and they sounded great. Caroline Polachek is an incredibly sexy stage presence, which made me really surprised to see her anywhere but the middle of the stage, and out of the bright lights. She is the lead, and the band’s personality is really just hers. All three of them, but she especially seemed really excited to be playing “Brusies” for the umpteenth time, which tells me that they really like themselves. If these aren’t reasons enough to find them endearing see what I already said about them. It was especially fun to see them play the two new songs from the re-release of Does You Inspire You; I can’t even get my hands on these in digital form as I write this. As expected the real highlight of the show, and probably the night was “Evident Utensil.”


I’ve been on top of YouTube and Pitchfork since Saturday watching videos from Coachella. Naturally, I was excited to see Lykke Li sing the girl’s part of “Young Folks,” and I to hoped Caroline Polachek would sing it last night.

Before I say anything further, I need to be straight with you on two things:
1. Lykke Li is so good that she makes Youth Novel producer and co-writer Bjorn Yttling look untouchable.
2. Living Thing is not very good.

After enduring a horribly long sound check, probably as long as the Chairlift set, John, Bjorn and Peter took the stage. They did their thing and it was cool, but it just didn’t really move me literally or musically. I loved “Young Folks” as much as every other bongo-banging whistler two years ago, but the rest of their material, particularly songs not off Writer’s Block, just isn’t that special. All of their new songs have a catchy groove but none of them come close to capturing the melodic and rhythmic peaks of “Amsterdam” and “Young Folks.” That’s basically why it was a nice show, but that’s about it.


The crowd sang the female part of “Young Folks” which was supremely disappointing knowing that CP was backstage somewhere. They also played the extended-extended versions of the four best Writer’s Block songs, which seems like it might be fun, but seriously who wants a 12+ minute version of “Up Against the Wall?” I actually started to get tired by the 5th “Young Folks” chorus, and tried to count as many famous Swedes as possible: 1. Tiger Woods’ wife.

One Response to “Chairlift/PBJ in MPLS”

  1. ke Says:

    Heyyy, nothing is wrong with Coldplay! :O Which album, though?
    Is that how you pronounce Lykke Li? LICK LA?! I have not kept up with music blogs covering Coachella so I am glad you posted a link to this video with her. I loved this song for the longest time and Lykke Li ❤
    “2. Living Thing is not very good.” Ha. I definitely agree with you about JBP. I just never got into them, other than Young Folks. I’m surprised they didn’t get CP to sing the female part -_-

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