Manners, Where Are Yours?

May 19, 2009

I’ve been intentionally side-stepping the Passion Pit craze that’s been going on for the past few months, trying to avoid hearing the endearing story about how Chunk Of Change was written as a Valentine’s gift, but sometimes you have to just give in. I enjoyed “Sleepyhead” and “I’ve Got Your Number” ever since they appeared in podcasts, but even after two songs I was already nervous about all that falsetto.

Enough. We know who they are, and today via @amazonmp3 I learned that the new album is on sale for a pittance of $3. I should have posted this a bit earlier in the day, but I wanted to make sure I’d heard it all before I went off and recommended it. I’m digging it; it may get old quickly, and it’s not worth raving over, but it’s a fun summer sound that you’ll probably hear even if you don’t buy it.

It’s ONLY 3 DOLLARS! That’s almost as good a deal as the dollar the first Bat For Lashes cost me on Amazon.

Not sure? At least it’s a better value than your morning coffee.

Passion Pit – The Reeling


2 Responses to “Manners, Where Are Yours?”

  1. Ke Says:

    YES YES YES! Around this time, I feel for The Reeling as well ❤ I can agree with you on the whole "it may get old quickly" feeling, since while I truly enjoy it, it doesn't stand out as a classic as one of the artists in your future entries do… [waitt for it]

    Wow, had I actually checked your blog on time, or followed this helpful @amazonmp3 twitter, I would have known about this nice deal. My loss, but now I know who to follow! 😀

  2. geoff Says:

    I know @amazonmp3 is way useful isn’t it? for some reason this comment got caught in the askimet auto spam checker, glad that I was able to salvage it Ke:) What do you think Passion Pit: still cool?

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