JENNY LEWIS Live at First Ave

June 4, 2009

To wrap up an excellent 6-day stretch of shows in Minneapolis was the lovely Jenny Lewis. After two just raucous shows, it was nice to have a relatively relaxing, folked-out show. We got impatient half way through each of the openers; Farmer Dave seemed disheveled and his set was a little out of control, but it had its moment when he blew into this funny keyboard that looked like a bong with keys. The Sadies were a much more precise and well-practiced band, but we were just not really into their style–something I’d call “nouveaux-bluegrass.”

Fun show. I’m tired now.


2 Responses to “JENNY LEWIS Live at First Ave”

  1. Ke Says:

    I am jealous.
    I hate you even more now.

    The Sadies seem like an okay band but not worth it imo.

  2. geoff Says:

    Agreed, the Sadies have their shit together, but just not my thing exactly.

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