Color Explosions And

June 22, 2009

Lately I’ve been listening to the new Camera Obscura album to help decide whether or not to see them this Wednesday at Webster Hall. The album evokes many familiar images, and its carefree folk vocals along with the use of twangy-country strings first made me think of She & Him with less prominent guitar parts. The compositions of both are comparably melancholy, and both immediately remind me of 60’s country, but what distinguishes them is the depth of sonic layers. I liken She & Him to a re-interpretation of Patsy Cline, while Camera Obscura is a fuller sound frequently with a groove (ie. groovy); I would call it dream-folk pop.

For songs about heartbreak, My Maudlin Career just makes me happy. It’s a record I imagine playing in the background while dancing on furniture.

Camera Obscura – French Navy


One Response to “Color Explosions And”

  1. Ke Says:

    It’s funny but around May I had fallen in love with that song and video. Once again, similar awesome taste!

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