Where Are You Running To

July 2, 2009

By Abless via Flickr

Not a big MJ guy–never was–but after listening to the nostalgia orgies of the past twenty-four hours, I’m reminded that art can matter. That the stuff of great artists–their songs, their paintings, their books–becomes a part of our lives, and that whether you’re talking about the first time you saw the “Thriller” video or the first time you tried to moonwalk, you’re not really talking about Michael Jackson. You’re talking about yourself. The art is just a market, allowing each of us to find our way back to some earlier, happier, more carefree version of ourselves.” –Richard Dorment for Esquire

Michael Jackson vs. Ratatat – Billie Jean (Remixed by The Hood Internet)

Some Japanese butterfly must be flapping his wings. Because the musical fairies that deliver oral inspiration seem to have been washed away by the June rain. Only a couple weeks ago there was more music than any normal person can handle, but now, perhaps simultaneous with death of MJ, there seems to be none.

Solid Gold is a band from Minneapolis that I’ve been hearing for a year or so now. I hadn’t given too much thought to them previously, but I’ve been listening to “Who You Gonna Run To” a lot lately. The song comes from the 2008 EP of the same name, and I’m reaching that point where I enjoy most of their songs that make it to my ears. This is not a full endorsement yet.

A great thing about summer is how people seem to forget about the musical racing and live blogging and tweeting just a little bit, enough so we can dig up some (relatively) oldies.

Solid Gold – Who You Gonna Run To

3 Responses to “Where Are You Running To”

  1. Ke Says:

    One of my favorite Ratatat songs remixed with a great track, that’s awesome! I would have never found this if it was not for your blog, so thanks.

    By the way, interesting quote. That might explain why people who weren’t even that crazy about MJ suddenly felt something when his death was announced… it was part of them that died, not necessarily one of their favorite artists. That is slightly depressing if you think about it. I assume you agree with Richard Dorment?

    Ooh, Who You Gonna Run To has a nice trancing/psychedelic sound to it! While you do not fully endorse the EP, I am still thinking of getting it. Although, speaking of oldies, did you know Caroline Polachek’s theme song is Wild Horses by Prefab Sprout?! I would have never heard of this song, sadly, if it was not for a random interview mentioning it. It’s so amazing and I figured I’d mention it in case you didn’t know the song.

  2. geoff Says:

    I really didn’t know how to think about MJ’s passing, but this quote helped me frame it. This is really what I’ve been trying to say since creating this thing, music has so much sentimental power, so even if you don’t really like a song, you keep it to remember something.
    Wild Horses is awesome! I had never heard of them, but this is good stuff. Thanks Ke for the tip! If you don’t write about it I may have to eventually…

  3. Ke Says:

    You know I would much prefer your writing to mine :p

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