I Am Leaving

July 13, 2009

Another summer song. I love the layered vocals and the the wall-of-sound synths. Beneath these production additions is a simple folk-pop song, in the same way Annie Clark becomes St Vincent with a band and a keyboard. I think the first time you hear a St Vincent album, the distorted guitars can be slightly shocking and conflicting with Annie’s sweet voice. In this Blue Roses song, the synths complement the melodic lines. Two ways to slice a cake I suppose.

Blue Roses – I Am Leaving

St Vincent – The Strangers

“Blue Roses is to be found, kept and cherished; it is to be absent as the dust begins to settle, and longed for as ambience resumes. Blue Roses is the serendipity that can only happen when you thought you’d stopped looking; as you realise how life sounds without it, you begin again.” Read the rest on her website.


4 Responses to “I Am Leaving”

  1. Ke Says:

    Oh my, I am Leaving reminded me of my latest craze and inspired me to write something just after just one week. Crazy things are happening!

    Anyway, the first few seconds made me think this was going to be a super mellow/plain song but then the synths kicked in! ❤ Also, who doesn't notice St. Vincent?!

    By the way, nice new site you're testing out. What happened to Drop.io?

  2. Ke Says:

    Boo, it seems my last comment did not go through. For all I know it was spammified 😥

    Basically, I was inspired by this slow/smooth music to write an entry about my own suggestion. Also, I really liked the synth addition to these songs, because I’m really into that.

  3. geoff Says:

    I retrieved your comment from the spam-basket. I don’t know how it got caught in there. Yeah I thought that in both songs, the synths/distorted guitars kind of surprise you. Posterous has been a little bit easier and cleaner, maybe I should just move the whole blog there.

  4. Ke Says:

    :O Move the whole blog?! Well, exploring the site, it seems you can add any media to it and it still looks neat. That is not a bad idea at all. Maybe I’d follow, or at least eventually find a way to share songs that interest me better than just linking youtube videos, lol.

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