SWFMC Seeks Mouthwash For Potty Mouth

July 22, 2009

By Someone Else
Hey I’m Kid Sister.

This is a mad foot-tapping-head-bobbing-hand-waving-summer song. Try to sit still without dancing to this chorus. Fall 2009 might turn into white-girl rapper season. The genre was introduced to me by Amanda Blank (whose debut was also just pushed back) but “Might Like You Better” just doesn’t do for me what “Right Hand HI” is doing. I’m not giving up on the former, there are some good remixes out there that make it more danceable, and RCRD LBL just released a new free track from I Love You. Also, just stumbled across a scathing review of Blank’s first single: 2/10 = ouch.

Here are my picks for freshest white rapper chick songs:

Kid Sister – Right Hand HI

Kid Sister – Pro Nails vs. Cool Feeling (Them Jeans Blend) [Video]

Amanda Blank – Make It Take It

Amanda Blank – Might Like Jeffer Better (Drus Mashup by Boys Noize)

Spank Rock – Bump (featuring Amanda Blank)

That last one is technically Spank Rock, but it features the DIRTIEST words I’ve ever heard a girl say.

Excerpt from a January interview with Kid Sister:

Pitchfork: Well, I’m just going to write that you got Lil Wayne and Rihanna to jump on the CD…

Kid Sister: You’re totally right! No, I wish it was Lil Wayne, he’s a crazy guy. Seriously. I don’t mind them– everyone loves Wayne and Rihanna. The only thing on the radio I can’t stand right now is that Usher song “Trading Places.” I fucking hate that song. It’s like he’s going on a date with a dude or something– he just sounds like a nerd. I can’t stand dudes singing about normal, everyday shit– unless it’s R. Kelly. It’s like, [sings, R. Kelly-style] “I checked my voice mail and got two messages…I need to pick up printer paper at Office Max.” If you want to do that type of thing, you have to be insane. You can’t just talk about boring shit.

Oh, one more thing. Not sure if she’s white or black, since she looks both. But the meaning of SW&BF just isn’t very clear.

3 Responses to “SWFMC Seeks Mouthwash For Potty Mouth”

  1. Ke Says:

    Kid Sister reminds me of someone but I cannot pinpoint who. On the other hand, I’m always glad when Spank Rock is shared because I have been trying to find a specific song that I do not know the title of. So, all around, kudos to this entry 😀

  2. Ke Says:

    Hey you! Thanks for Right Hand Hi!

  3. geoff Says:

    Glad you like it, I still can’t get enough of it myself.

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