Lover’s Carvings

August 9, 2009

flickrimg_09413Bibio experiments with sounds; he records with cassette players, broken samplers and dictaphones. This might be why the song’s introduction has overtly bent pitches and what feels like static. The two-part form of “Lover’s Carvings” reminded me immediately of my introduction to Grizzly Bear (“On a Neck, On a Split”), where the introduction doesn’t introduce you to the main themes of the song. In both songs, the structure is either not apparent, or incomprehensible. I feel lost–did they just change the time signature? The guitar rhythm of the verse is really a beautiful thing in this song, and with the wood block it’s a foot-tapping groove. It’s the theme that you would expect in the beginning, and it serves to introduce a melodic hook that feels like summer.

“Lover’s names/Carved in walls/Overlap, start to merge”

Bibio – Lover’s Carvings (alternate)

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Bibio’s third LP, Ambivalence Avenue is out now on Mush Records.

Thanks to Jandravolta for the heads up here.


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