Nine, Nine, Oh, Nine

September 9, 2009

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things that come in 9’s. Pretty straightforward stuff. Follow along below, hover your mouse to see details.

The 9 best number 9 tracks.

Inside and Out/ Ziggy Stardust/ Beast of Burden/ Shelter From the Storm/ Angeles/ You Never Give Me Your Money/ Maps/ Sunday Morning/ Twilight

The 9 best songs featuring “9” in the title or album.

Sunshine/Revolution 9/1979/ 1991/1999/The Perfect Drug/ M79/Coconut Skins/99 Luftballons

And finally, THE 9 BEST SONGS OF 2009 (so far).

Stillness Is the Move/ Lover's Carvings/ Right Hand Hi/ Actor Out of Work/ Heads Will Roll/ My Girls/ Heart Skipped A Beat/ French Navy/ Empire State of Mind

Picking 9 songs for an exceptional eight months of music was a real challenge, although they appear above in no particular order, that ninth spot in the corner was a toss up between “Lisztomania,” “Two Weeks,” “Evident Utensil,” the acoustic “Help, I’m Alive,” and the first few tracks of Face Control. Most of these songs can be found by searching the site in the right-hand bar, since I’ve written about nearly all of the new ones at some point.


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