October 24, 2009

Without question The XX are the most hyped band of the season. They played the Music Hall of Williamsburg last night to an audience of professional photographers. That’s what happens when five shows in less than the week that is CMJ doesn’t offer enough good chances to take a picture of the group. In all fairness to them, this was their most legitimate venue of the week. UPDATE: The XX played a show mere hours later at the Tribeca Grand Hotel around 1:30AM.

After the set I was intrigued to hear from Lizzyville blogger, Liz, that the two singers are indeed a couple. Since their songs are all about doin’ it, it makes their story a bit more compelling to know that they’re actually, you know. The XX at this point really could have headlined, and probably should have since a large number of people left before the School of Seven Bells took the stage.

As far as the show went, it was pretty much a verbatim spin of their debut on shuffle. Which is not a bad thing, but something could be done about their showmanship. They spoke very little, but in the way that their music does more at a whisper than most does at a yell–garrulous was not expected.

The most pleasant surprise of the show was Phantogram though, who played in the second slot. Their set-up is exactly the same as The Handsome Furs: with the lady on the mixing and keyboard, and the dude on guitar. Lead singer Sarah Barthel is an extremely sexy presence; her sharp-coif head-banging was downright mesmerizing. The happy beats and her smooth voice totally blew my mind. Expect a full post on their EP in the next week. In the meantime, visit their Myspace. I’m soup-err bummed that I missed their first three shows of CMJ because I want to see them again, now!

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