A simple music journal kept in the way we used to keep photo journals, using photos and events as inspiration. Trying to find the songs to best describe a feeling or an event, in precisely the opposite way that a songwriter intends to express some part of themselves in a song.

Twentysomething gerontophobe that has trouble staying in the same place writes about stimulating things that seem to have their own soundtrack. He discovers new cities and music together so that one will remind him of the other. Unless stated otherwise, or it is inherently obvious, photos on this blog were taken by Geoff. Songs are generally removed after one month, in accordance with my understanding of music blogging.

The music shared here does not belong to the author, and is meant only for sharing purposes. If you are the owner of one of the files on this blog and would like it removed please contact Geoff at morefiction(a)gmail.com. View his Last.fm here.

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