This past summer I made a short trip back to LA. I had been away for a few months and at the top of my list of things to eat was a godmother (and a double-double, duh). Sure that sounds generic and like every other review ever written in SoCal, but I assure you it was not.

The problem with visiting Los Angeles without a car, is well, not having a car (duh, again). This wouldn’t have been the first time that I had been forced to learn to take a bus in this city (see review of Big Blue Bus), but I was happy not to. I was lucky enough to be staying with my incredibly hospitable friend who teaches Yoga Booty Ballet every Saturday in Santa Monica.

Being the generous person that she is, she was nice enough to call me on her way back that Saturday afternoon just to see if I wanted something from Bay Cities. Now, I knew that Saturdays were like the RNC in St. Paul, so I was reluctant to ask, but wise enough to insist, on two godmothers. To make things worse that day, traffic from the beach to La Brea was slower than peanut butter dripping from an upside-down jar.

Two hours and several apologetic you-are-more-selfless-than-Mother-Theresa texts later, Amelia returned. Although I felt terrible for asking her to endure what is the equivalent of 2003-Baghdad on Saturdays, it was a victorious moment that I couldn’t help but savor (and photograph). Sidebar: Similarly, if we actually won one of our two wars (in the way that getting a sandwich is winning), I would similarly be piggy-backing on the tribulations of others. Not real proud of that.

But oh! the bread! so perfectly crispy on the outside and chewy inside. Spicy Italian meats I can’t name! Salvation in sandwich form!

Rating: Seriously Awesome.

Bay Cities Italian Deli & Bakery
1517 Lincoln Blvd
Santa Monica 90401