Nine, Nine, Oh, Nine

September 9, 2009

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite things that come in 9’s. Pretty straightforward stuff. Follow along below, hover your mouse to see details.

The 9 best number 9 tracks.

Inside and Out/ Ziggy Stardust/ Beast of Burden/ Shelter From the Storm/ Angeles/ You Never Give Me Your Money/ Maps/ Sunday Morning/ Twilight

The 9 best songs featuring “9” in the title or album.

Sunshine/Revolution 9/1979/ 1991/1999/The Perfect Drug/ M79/Coconut Skins/99 Luftballons

And finally, THE 9 BEST SONGS OF 2009 (so far).

Wait for it….. ok click me now!

Listen to this and then tell me it sounds dated. Well, if you think that it does. It sounds like it could be 80’s new wave, but then again, it sounds kind of like it could be an unplugged Passion Pit B-side. Find out who it is and where it’s from after the jump.

Prefab Sprout – Wild Horses


By Abless via Flickr

Not a big MJ guy–never was–but after listening to the nostalgia orgies of the past twenty-four hours, I’m reminded that art can matter. That the stuff of great artists–their songs, their paintings, their books–becomes a part of our lives, and that whether you’re talking about the first time you saw the “Thriller” video or the first time you tried to moonwalk, you’re not really talking about Michael Jackson. You’re talking about yourself. The art is just a market, allowing each of us to find our way back to some earlier, happier, more carefree version of ourselves.” –Richard Dorment for Esquire

Michael Jackson vs. Ratatat – Billie Jean (Remixed by The Hood Internet)


It’s that time of the week again when we take a look back at songs that you forgot your affection for, and we grasp backwards into time to remember what has outlived its hype. So stop hitting refresh on and take a minute to look back, but not too far.

This week’s selection is perhaps the most true of this segment’s intention; the mostly meteoric rise and fall of Girl Talk remixes and his attention-deficit recordings has become so 2008. While mash-ups and electronic remixes are the dominating medium of Hype Machine tracks today, we’ve started to move away from the name-as-many-samples-as-you-can ephemeral novelty of Girl Talk. They’re fun, but did you really expect to still be listening to Feed The Animals with the regularity of last Fall?

The hundreds of remixes of “Lisztomania” and “The Reeling” are great for squeezing more juice out of already great summer tracks, but will these archetypes outlive their originals?

Grizzly Bear – The Knife (Girl Talk Remix)

CSS – The Knife (Grizzly Bear Cover)

samo lomo

Recounting each particular one would only bring back self-disgust and embarrassment so putrid it makes me shiver, like I’ve just put a lock of hair dripping with curdling and rotten milk on my tongue.

Damn, Thursday is halfway over! Another photo of the same Santa Monica beach to go with another old favorite. I know you’ve got it too.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Maps

rat race

This is the first post in a new series we’re calling “Throwback Thursday.” It’s my reaction to the rat race of music blogs that rush out in an attempt to be the first to post the (awesome) new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s single, or the video of it on SNL. Not saying that someone doesn’t need to be doing it, just that I don’t need to be. So if you’re interested, take the time with me this Thursday to slow it down and look back, but not too far.

It was while getting a haircut a couple of weeks ago, from the same woman who styled my “do” since age 6. No kidding, probably the only person I trust with a scissors. I’m not using this to describe a haircut fetish, but rather to describe the time capsule that this haircut represents.

Every time I go to her house she is listening to the same radio station, which plays the same music today as it did when I was learning what music was in 1995. “Meet Virginia,” “Semi-Charmed Life,” “You Were Meant for Me” and anything Goo Goo Dolls play on repeat. In fairness to myself, my first two music purchases ever were Mellon Collie and Nevermind, but I’m shocked to realize that this 90’s pop music is still around and collecting royalties. Obviously Nirvana and The Pumpkins have music that will endure over time, but who knew knows that this crap is still in your local radio station’s daily playlist?

To honor the non-crap (of at least two years ago) I have two songs:

and they are…