Fall Mixtape, Vol. 1

October 19, 2009

The weather quickly turned cold and we bypassed normally enjoyable fall weather. As a kid I pictured Indian Summer as a wooden canoe on a lake surrounded by fall foliage. This photo seems to capture that essence I suppose. For me it’s Titanic (“I’m the king of the world!”), meets my dog riding up front.

I’ve rekindled my seasonal love for the Brazilian Girls by digging into their older albums, and this tape’s featured track comes from their self-titled debut:

Lyrics are normally lost on me, but on “Don’t Stop” Sabina Sciubba sings plainly about sex in the least vulgar and most carefree way. They are the kind of lyrics that are so straightforward they look like a joke written down. Songs about doin’ it usually look that way on paper though, this one just does it better than most, with the right amount of sincerity and aplomb.

And now, in the spirit of women-halves hanging out of moving cars…

Chairlift/PBJ in MPLS

April 22, 2009


Chairflift opened for Peter, Bjorn and John last night at the Fine Line. I would like to say something insightful on the performances, but instead all I can think about is how long some parts were and how short others were. That and how the Fine Line played two entire Coldplay albums between sets! WTF?! Are you trying to burn my ears off? Show some fucking respect Fine Line DJ.

cp chl1

Chairlift was on stage first, and they sounded great. Caroline Polachek is an incredibly sexy stage presence, which made me really surprised to see her anywhere but the middle of the stage, and out of the bright lights. She is the lead, and the band’s personality is really just hers. All three of them, but she especially seemed really excited to be playing “Brusies” for the umpteenth time, which tells me that they really like themselves. If these aren’t reasons enough to find them endearing see what I already said about them. It was especially fun to see them play the two new songs from the re-release of Does You Inspire You; I can’t even get my hands on these in digital form as I write this. As expected the real highlight of the show, and probably the night was “Evident Utensil.”

See the rest of the photos and a 12 second video…

Flosstradamus? huh…

February 13, 2009

A band that hit it [semi] big with an Apple commercial, is usually one in grave danger of falling prey to the one-hit-wonder hawks. I used to download all of iTunes’ free tracks, but I’ve been realizing lately that being endorsed by Apple has somehow become a mark of shame. Like the Madden curse that ruined so many football careers, a song featured in a commercial for Apple is now a discrediting blemish.

Example: I was at my friend’s place an evening several weeks ago, when I wanted to play CSS. Since this friend had a limited selection of the group I thought it would be okay to play “Music is My Hot, Hot Sex.” It was not. I was instantly ridiculed as something derogatorily Apple.

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