Elliott Smith, 1998

March 4, 2009

For the year or so that I’ve been writing about music in this format, I’ve let myself get somewhat caught up in new music and ignore the songwriting that I loved before any other. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, since it’d be strange to read a blog about music released nearly a decade ago. But I came across an interview with Elliott Smith and couldn’t help myself.

Elliott Smith – See You in Heaven / True Love

I was originally going to clip the following to an excerpt so that it could fit quotably, but as I read on it became impossible to trim. A rare piece of insight into Elliott Smith’s songwriting:

“The Process
‘Writing songs is like a waiting game. the more you play, the more it will happen. and the more i play absentmindedly, the more i’ll happen upon something that seems surprising. i usually have a lot of songs or pieces of songs going at the same time. i play almost every day, and i kind of idly go through them. i don’t sit down and decide, `now i’m going to finish this one!’ i just sort of play what i have, and i seem to make some progress over the long term. and it’s usually my hand that figures it out, not my brain.

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