Fantasies Out April 14th

February 5, 2009

img_2971blogThere’s never a lack of new stuff to be discovering, so it’s uncommon for me to get excited over a release that’s not in the very near future. These days it seems that I don’t even catch on to the best stuff until months after it has gained its own momentum. This is pretty standard for debut releases, obviously, since no one knows who the hell they are.

You know that long break after the second season of Weeds? Before anyone knew if they would be picked up for a third season. What a dreadful prospect that was; we would never find out what would happen to Nancy Botwin in the middle of a three-way dealer war.

After seeing the “Give Me Sympathy” video from around the time of Coachella and then the early leak of “Help, I’m Alive,” I haven’t been able to stop thinking about them. And I’m upset that I won’t be hearing any of their new stuff for two more months.

Today’s song is an acoustic version of “Help, I’m Alive” which is free on Metric’s website. Go there and download it (or listen to it here), it’s nice. There’s also a swell video of Emily doing some soul searching in Buenos Aires. I’m thinking that sounds like a good idea about now.