It’s that time of the week again when we take a look back at songs that you forgot your affection for, and we grasp backwards into time to remember what has outlived its hype. So stop hitting refresh on and take a minute to look back, but not too far.

This week’s selection is perhaps the most true of this segment’s intention; the mostly meteoric rise and fall of Girl Talk remixes and his attention-deficit recordings has become so 2008. While mash-ups and electronic remixes are the dominating medium of Hype Machine tracks today, we’ve started to move away from the name-as-many-samples-as-you-can ephemeral novelty of Girl Talk. They’re fun, but did you really expect to still be listening to Feed The Animals with the regularity of last Fall?

The hundreds of remixes of “Lisztomania” and “The Reeling” are great for squeezing more juice out of already great summer tracks, but will these archetypes outlive their originals?

Grizzly Bear – The Knife (Girl Talk Remix)

CSS – The Knife (Grizzly Bear Cover)


Who’s responsible for this season? This bleak time between fall and winter of unpredictable cold and wind, but without winter’s most endearing feature. When this time of undecided weather comes again in March, things are looking up at spring, but for now it’s a depressing sign of colder times coming. People like to remind me that I grew up in the blistery Midwest, that I should be comfortable with the cold. But since being in LA, it’s been impossible to accept that cold and sun-less weather should be accepted. One of these pictures was taken in NY, one was taken in LA, both in November. Awww… nostalgia.


Absolutely in love with this live Rilo Kiley track:

Rilo Kiley – I Love LA

Peter Bjorn and John – Let’s Call it Off (Girl Talk Remix)