Hello Brooklyn

September 28, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge by GeoffYesterday, I read a review of a show from my favorite live show reviewer (Jenny B Loves You). There was a line that stood out to me about how MTV had hijacked the associative power of music. That is, instead of remembering the way you first heard a song, you remember the manufactured outfits and dance moves of a music video. Even worse, almost necessarily a music video that the artist had no part in devising.

I discovered this track from a DJ mix tape coming out called Brooklyn Soul featuring Jay-Z over Marvin Gaye classics. Even though it wasn’t the first time I heard it, the image that comes to mind is riding away from the Phoenix show in Central Park Saturday. Funny how driving has so much associative power.

Key Brooklyn references:
“But my bed’s in the sky/While I flatten your bush”

Jay-Z (featuring Lil Wayne and Marvin Gaye) – Hello Brooklyn

This may be the final mixtape of the season–it’s become instantly cooler since August ended and suddenly, the hot weather complaining is turning into hot weather nostalgia. It will soon be time to say goodbye to jorts, t-shirts and mini skirts, so it’s important that we get another playlist in before you start hibernating with Bon Iver and that Fleet Foxes record that everyone went gaga over. Alas, do not worry, this mix will help you hang on to summer at least through Halloween.

Let’s hear it for New York.

Jay-Z (featuring Alicia Keys) – Empire State of Mind
Curtis Mayfield – Move On Up
Michael Jackson (Telepopmusik Remix) – Remember the Time
Crystal Castles – Vanished
The xx – Heart Skipped a Beat
Camera Obscura – The Sweetest Thing
St Vincent – The Party
Cat Power – Fool
Broken Social Scene – I’m Still Your
Feist – Major Label Debut (live)

Got My Mind Made Up

February 20, 2009

No dialogue for now, too much confusion:
Santigold – Icarus

This is just a bad ass remix to one of my favorite songs of the last year.
Santigold – I’m A Lady Featuring Amanda Blank (Diplo Remix)

And another [unrelated remix] that had gotten buried. This one has some dust on it.
Jay-Z – Dance, Sunshine (Ratatat remix)

The rest is appalling…

Progress Portraits For All

January 27, 2009


Click above to make yours! Or If you’re feeling ugly, god loves you too.

Now you probably already know about Jay-Z’s DC-mix of “My President is Black,” but then again, maybe you don’t. This hasn’t been nearly as viral as it should be, so in case you’re to blame, see it here, or listen to it here:

Jay-Z – My President is Black

If you’ve watched MTV for 15 or more minutes in the last week you’ve seen the original version of this song by Young Jeezy and Nas. I hope you were as disappointed with it as I was. Two (or more) narcissistic rappers making an election to be about them. I like Nas, but lines like: “History, black history/ No president ever did shit for me” remind me of how contrived rappers can take a country’s success and make it completely about themselves. If you studied history Nas, you’d remember some words JFK said once in an inauguration speech.