Hello Brooklyn

September 28, 2009

Brooklyn Bridge by GeoffYesterday, I read a review of a show from my favorite live show reviewer (Jenny B Loves You). There was a line that stood out to me about how MTV had hijacked the associative power of music. That is, instead of remembering the way you first heard a song, you remember the manufactured outfits and dance moves of a music video. Even worse, almost necessarily a music video that the artist had no part in devising.

I discovered this track from a DJ mix tape coming out called Brooklyn Soul featuring Jay-Z over Marvin Gaye classics. Even though it wasn’t the first time I heard it, the image that comes to mind is riding away from the Phoenix show in Central Park Saturday. Funny how driving has so much associative power.

Key Brooklyn references:
“But my bed’s in the sky/While I flatten your bush”

Jay-Z (featuring Lil Wayne and Marvin Gaye) – Hello Brooklyn