I had been looking forward to this show for a couple of weeks–it didn’t disappoint. The First Ave. crowd was great, everybody was really into it and it only took four songs to make us all stinky and sweaty. It was empty during Trouble Andrew, but people seemed to know what was up when Amanda Blank came up.

I knew Amanda Blank would be fun. It was hearing Diplo’s endorsement, seeing that he was producing her debut album featuring a few of our favorite artists at Chucks?, and it was hearing the remix of “I’m A Lady.” There’s not a lot of white rapper girls that I like; I hadn’t heard many tracks of hers before, but she put on a great set. She came out without any pants, and somehow by the end of the set she was wearing less. Just her CHUCKS and a shirt.


Amanda Blank – Might Like You Better

One of the reasons I’ve loved Santigold’s album was its versatility. It’s not crossing genres but most songs can stand on their own. Half of her play list feels like singles and the others fill in around them. It kept things interesting and there were only a couple of brief moments where I could stop to think about being sweaty or tired. Santigold mentioned her mixtape with Diplo a few times during the set so I got really excited late in the show when she called Amanda Blank back on stage. They did “I’m A Lady” together and Trouble Andrew (who is on the original track) came out for the end of it. The highlight of the night for sure.



Santigold featuring Amanda Blank – I’m A Lady (Diplo Remix)

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Got My Mind Made Up

February 20, 2009

No dialogue for now, too much confusion:
Santigold – Icarus

This is just a bad ass remix to one of my favorite songs of the last year.
Santigold – I’m A Lady Featuring Amanda Blank (Diplo Remix)

And another [unrelated remix] that had gotten buried. This one has some dust on it.
Jay-Z – Dance, Sunshine (Ratatat remix)

The rest is appalling…