rat race

This is the first post in a new series we’re calling “Throwback Thursday.” It’s my reaction to the rat race of music blogs that rush out in an attempt to be the first to post the (awesome) new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s single, or the video of it on SNL. Not saying that someone doesn’t need to be doing it, just that I don’t need to be. So if you’re interested, take the time with me this Thursday to slow it down and look back, but not too far.

It was while getting a haircut a couple of weeks ago, from the same woman who styled my “do” since age 6. No kidding, probably the only person I trust with a scissors. I’m not using this to describe a haircut fetish, but rather to describe the time capsule that this haircut represents.

Every time I go to her house she is listening to the same radio station, which plays the same music today as it did when I was learning what music was in 1995. “Meet Virginia,” “Semi-Charmed Life,” “You Were Meant for Me” and anything Goo Goo Dolls play on repeat. In fairness to myself, my first two music purchases ever were Mellon Collie and Nevermind, but I’m shocked to realize that this 90’s pop music is still around and collecting royalties. Obviously Nirvana and The Pumpkins have music that will endure over time, but who knew knows that this crap is still in your local radio station’s daily playlist?

To honor the non-crap (of at least two years ago) I have two songs:

and they are…