DABA Girls

January 29, 2009

I’ve never read anything that was simultaneously more hilarious and depressing than this: Dating a Banker Anonymous is honest commentary on the state of contemporary relationships that we all aspire to–it doesn’t matter where you live, we all want to either be the big-swinging or the Jimmy Choo-wearing. It’s proof of the existence of lopsided boys dating equally lopsided girls. Where they admit that their boyfriends were once math team captains and Friday-night bookworms, none of the girls will describe themselves or their beaus as nerds, ugly, or even short. They are mostly contrived girls living extravagant lives. It’s very clear to me; while they rightfully (and articulately) describe the parallel collapse of his career and his ego, they ignore the connectedness of their own self-esteem.

This has particular resonance with me since I aspire[d] for that career precisely. I know the people that slave 100-hour weeks, the ones that measure a great deal of their own self worth in the size of their January checks. I don’t know any of the girls though, and I didn’t know that they were so photo-ready. It seems though, that their marriages were meant to fail with or without a recession. I am enthralled with them because they can be so brutally honest while ignoring the basic premise on which their relationship was built; that being one provides and one is hot.

I can see it already, either on HBO or the big screen, and apparently they’ve already got a book deal. The dynamics of their relationships and the role of Wall Street immediately make this more intriguing than the best episode of Gossip Girl. Proof that the best stories are never scripted.

The Virgins – Rich Girls