Sounds Like Memories

April 10, 2009

,I was sending this around to a few of my nostalgically-challenged college friends when I first heard it, but at the time it didn’t inspire me enough to think twice about Asher Roth. I discounted it as being more comical than musical, because it’s obviously written to sell–the chorus of imaginary frat boys yelling “drink, drink, chug, chug, chug”–is too contrived. What is a natural part of most people’s college experience, would be made unnatural with a soundtrack written to predictable, yet-to-occur events.

The bass line theme is undeniably entrancing, and its chorus hook is so familiar that it sounds like something you really did listen to in college. Timeless and relatable symbols of Miller Lite, dollar slices, and weed easily connect you to generic college days, successfully making you think that this song is about you. And it probably is; it is not exceptional or innovative, but the lyrics and the refrain sound like memories. How is that even possible? This simple power is enough to keep us interested, and to overlook the cliche, “Yeahhh!” refrain that appears frequently in the chorus. Even if we’re not interested, those hooks are already stuck in your head.

Asher Roth – I Love College (via the Hype Machine and PMA)