Chucks is happy to be reporting back to you on its first ever visit to All Points West. Weather and an unfavorable Saturday lineup caused us to miss the first two days, but we were there for the third day. The early-afternoon rain let up just in time for the gates to open at about 4 but great weather didn’t make climbing in and out of the mud swamps any easier. We did our fair share of running from stage to stage, treading through the ubiquitous quicksand and altogether becoming so dirty that I am still washing the dirt from my skin. I’m completely serious; my feet are the shade of mud and I’ve taken two showers since Sunday.
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Viva la Really?

January 8, 2009


I’ve been trying to figure out something lately, maybe you can help me. Is Coldplay good or is Coldplay bad?

When something becomes ultra-popular I usually try to check it out. Part of me really just wants to know what everybody likes, and part of me needs reassurance that my taste buds are still thinking for themselves. A few months ago I finally got the latest Lupe album (O.K.), today I listened through Tha Carter III (good), and last week I finally caved and downloaded Viva and Prospekt’s March (???). Continue Reading…