We Miss You, Fall

November 13, 2008


I know the leaves don’t look like this anymore but I try to pretend that they still do.
I just saw on Amazon that Feist is releasing a deluxe version of The Reminder. That would normally be great and exciting news, but any good fan would have already found most of those remixes. I have literally been in bragging contests with people about how many times we’ve seen Feist; we should both just give up and agree that it hasn’t been enough. She’s even better when the weather is nice and the leaves still hang on to frail branches. Let it Die is to me an Autumn album.

Gatekeeper seasons wait for your nod
Gatekeeper you held your breath
Made the summer go on and on

Well they tried to stay in from the cold and wind
Making love and making their dinner
Only to find that the love that they grew in the summer

Feist – Nothin’ In the World Can Stop Me Worrying about that Girl

Fall in NY, Part II

October 23, 2008

the last day of summer, in october

the last day of summer, in october

Goodbye summer.

Although I took this photo a couple of weeks ago, I didn’t have the right song for it then. Thanks to KCRW for the tip. It makes sense that they have lots of summer music, considering the never-never land that is Santa Monica.

a tree

Beto Villares – Incerteza

The Brazilian Girls – Good Time

Fall in New York, Part 1

October 20, 2008

One of my favorite ways to enjoy music is to listen to it in the places that suit it best. This happens naturally when I’m excited to be somewhere; in those times it’s surprisingly easy to think of exactly the right song. This is the barometer of instantaneous happiness. It’s apparent in other aspects of life as well; life is simple when you can know it and difficult when you become apathetic.

New York is simple enough in Fall that I expect to follow this post with others, there are too many songs and pictures to choose from. Photos were taken by yours truly and are protected under the creative commons license, but you already knew that.

Ella Fitzgerald – Blue Skies

The Ting Tings – Traffic Light

Cat Power – Fool