A few weeks ago I posted the video and the accompanying awesome track to “I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked.” Which is still filtering its way into the blogosphere (what a terrible word), but I cannot get enough of this girl. The upcoming release of Fortress ’round My Heart is apparently a re-release of the Norweigan record of the same name. Going through my podcast library I even found a copy of “Keep Me Warm,” another probably-soon-to-be single. Below is KCRW’s insightful description:
ida, kcrw
Haha, the Arctic Circle… I’m into her upbeat stuff a bit more right now, and this track “Oh My God” has an awesome hook (incidentally carried in the title’s lyrics) that makes you want to turn up the volume and shake it like Polaroid. And yes, I’m bringing back similes about discontinued photo paper.

Bonus Points: Ida Maria has a condition known as synesthesia, which causes her to see colors when she hears music. Not only have I never heard of this before, but it is probably the best condition ever. From The Sky Was Candy, who was up on this in December, Maria was quoted:

“From a C chord to a D chord there are 15 different shades and from a D to an E there are another 15, so it’s complicated.”

I felt like it was time for a caps-filled, exclamatory title. I’m categorically against those, unless the word “swell” is ironically used. Listen below:

Ida Maria – Oh My God

This is exciting.

Ida Maria is a Norweigan singer who has carried some success in the UK, but almost no recognition whatsoever in the US. It’s relatively difficult to find anything on her–iTunes has two of her songs and her debut release (due out April 14) is the only thing in Amazon’s catalog. You could say I’m digging this like trench warfare.

Ida Maria – I Like You So Much Better When You’re Naked