Summer Mixtape Vol. II

August 11, 2009

It’s time for another mix tape. Here’s what we’re listening to:

Friendly Fires – I’m Good, I’m Gone (Lykke Li Cover)
Passion Pit featuring Ellie Goulding – Sleepyhead (Starsmith Remix)*
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Hysteric (acoustic)
Grizzly Bear – Ready, Able
Blue Roses – I Am Leaving
Peter Bjorn and John – Young Folks (featuring Kanye West)
Phoenix – Girlfriend
Bibio – Lover’s Carvings
Kid Sister – Right Hand Hi

*Just a great remix with radically altered vocals. Ellie Goulding (of no prior fame really) has a sharp and delicate voice that seems on the precipice of cracking. The ocean of synth is pretty much opposite the “organic” instrumentation of recently written-about “Let The Beat Build.” Without a doubt this is where pop music is moving [back?].


The extra credit…

Obama Mama

November 5, 2008




The W. mask is hilarious, the knotted rope is not. Videos of the dancing and cheering that went on for hours will be up shortly. I wanted to post “Celebration” but for being a song about celebration, it’s quite subdued, and I felt that “Homecoming” was much better suited. Partly because it’s awesome, but mostly because it’s about Chicago.

Kanye West – Homecoming